about business

  • How do you work? How do you make money? Where do you get clients? What is the most effective sales channel?
  • How does your company work? How does it develop? What is her strength? What is the main goal of the company today?

the main task

  • What is the immediate challenge facing your company now? What are your immediate plans? What do you want to achieve? For example, "increase sales", "reduce losses", "debunk myths".
  • What is the main purpose of the presentation? Sell, tell, form an opinion, please, position the audience, arouse attention, respect, interest. What other tasks do you think the presentation should accomplish?

Possible Solution

  • Who is your audience? Tell about your audience portrait.What questions and problems does this person have that you can solve
  • What kind of relationship you want to establish with your audience
  • What's the best result for you? What will you consider the success of the project? How will you assess whether the project succeeded or failed?
  • How can your problem be solved? How, in your opinion, can a designer be useful to you? Why do you think it is more effective to improve the slides, rather than ... (options?)
  • Is the structure of this presentation final?
  • The main idea of ??the presentation? What action should your client take? What thought will he have after watching?
  • What are your visual preferences? Who defines them: brand book, director, client
  • How will the presentation reflect the objection handling and the benefits of your proposal?
  • 3 key presentation points?
  • Is there a structure?
  • Do I need a copywriter to help with the proposal and structure?
  • What are the terms of implementation? When should the project be finished, opened, launched? Why is this date important?
  • How do you expect to receive the result? What are your expectations for engagement? What is important to you about the designers you want to work with?
  • What are your concerns? What could go wrong?
  • What, in your opinion, can a designer be most useful for you? How can he complement your team?
  • What is the structure of your company? Who will work on the project from your side? Who and how will make the main decisions about the project in general and design in particular? Who has the last word?
  • What is your personal role in the company and the project?
  • What other companies or organizations will participate in the project? How and in what role?
  • Why do you think that I will be useful to you?
  • What features of your company can simplify or complicate the work on the project or its individual parts?
  • How do you choose an artist? How many companies are you considering besides us? When do you expect to make a choice?
  • Where will the information be posted (website, audience, room, etc.)?
  • Is it possible to publish online after completion?